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When I learned about Young Living, I got fascinated by the personality of the founder D. Gary Young, his enormous experience in plant research, distillation of essential oils, passion to continuously search and find new useful plant species, and his perfectionism for the highest quality product. My personal values coincided with Company’s health, personal growth, business development philosophy.  I was also mesmerized by diversity, abundance, quality and impact of Young Living essential oils.

Young Living vision

To bring Young Living essential oils to every home in the world.

Young Living mission

We honour our stewardship to champion nature’s living energy, essential oils, by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

I do not know any other person like Mr. Gary Young who finds the unknown sometimes even risking his life; he travelled so many countries with the only goal he had, i.e. to learn about the plants, their cultivation, distillation and characteristics.

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“I believe that essential oils are the closest physical and tangible divine spirit material on Earth. “ D. Gary Young

The company is the leader of modern aromatherapy movement. Young Living introduced to the world “Seed to Seal“ product quality standard which secures the highest quality of the final product because of  control that is secured throughout entire process. The company owns the farms and has partner farms which provides Young Living with an exclusivity in essential oil market and it also dictates distillation standards.

Before entering the market all products undergo a strict quality tests in the laboratories: in 12 partner and 2 laboratories of the company. Company developed quality standards which are higher than the quality regulations set by most of the countries. Young Living is the only company in the world which carries in portfolio over 80 essential oils (the number is growing) approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration as supplements for internal use.

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Setting up the new fields, search for the new plants across the world, research and development, quality supervision and continuous improvements are the continuous processed in Young Living Company that are ongoing for over 25 years. Every Young Living member can visit company farms in various countries of the world and get to know where and how Young Living essential oils are produced.

Aromatherapy is the synthesis of the wisdom of the past and today’s scientific achievements.  Young Living Company offers over 600 products enriched with essential oils, among them 270 mono essential oils and blends. Young Living is the biggest essential oil producer in the world. Aromatherapy is the direction of alternative medicine. Product demand and its liquidity are the core factors promoting business growth and this is why aromatherapy is rapidly become popular world-wide. The center of aromatherapy business development is the products and product-related experiences. An exclusive feature of the products is the fact that it has no side effects which is validated by 5000 years history of usage in various cultures. Young Living essential oils are safe and natural products.

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Abyssal law of aromatherapy is that nature unites people, they trust it and it changes their lives for better.

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