Jolanta Urbanavičienė

-Aromatherapy expert, business mentor, Life Coach

About me

Following more than 20 years of successful carrier and private business in marketing and public relations I start thinking of a business idea which would correspond my values and would allow to develop business in various countries. The main purpose was to have opportunity to realize my potential and design my life based under philosophy that suits me best, i.e. I am free, I am working where I want and under my own schedule, I am enjoying vacation and I am not exhausted to have them, and my professional activity is my lifestyle and my hobby.

Jolanta Urbanavičienė

In 2014 I made my first step towards fulfillment of my dreams and made a radical change in my professional activity. I embarked on a joint project with Young Living Company – the world’s biggest manufacturer of essential oils. I embraced on individual business opportunity offered by the company and realized that I am on the right track. Here I can achieve what I was dreaming for: be creative – develop business in various countries across the world, spend more time with my loved ones, live where it appeals to me, work under my schedule and create a long-term financial stability.

I can openly share that over 5 years of doing business with Young Living Company I fulfilled and exceeded my expectations of lifestyle and business. I created an excellent team, I am proud to help grow the pool of leaders, my business expanded internationally and I can enjoy living in places I love and devote time to my fellow-men and my hobbies.

I continue the journey with love by successfully creating and implementing strategies which help people to become successful, reach their goals and fulfill their dreams with Young Living.

The World gives a path to a person who knows where he is going.

Here your dreams may also come true

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