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When I started project with Young Living Company I understood that I need to create tools which will help other people to obtain professional skills, which will empower them to become successful and will improve the image of network marketing. Results show that the tools we have and their continuous improvement work and help to grow business dynamically. I see huge opportunities in this activity where everyone can unfold his/her highest potential, reach personal goals and make the dreams come true.

Business from scratch – a million of questions to newbies! How and where to start business? You are presented with a ready-made activity model – business ideas, production, scientific argumentation, logistics, customer service in English language, virtual office, marketing materials. By joining Young Living project you are entitled to develop your business in over 100 countries. By joining my team, you are provided with tools which will help you to develop your business successfully, get the knowhow about aromatherapy and healthy lifestyle.

“The best time to plant the tree was 20 years ago. And the other best time is today”, - Chinese wisdom.

If you are looking for a business ideas, or you’re interested in business from scratch with no investment – this project is exactly for you. Few tools which will help you to understand where to start and how to develop your business successfully in various countries round the world and generate sustainable income:

  • „Step4Start“– program developed for You and Your business. You get a personal access and can take it remotely any time at your convenience. The program will provide you with opportunity to grow business dynamically outside your home country since it is designed in few languages. In few days you will learn and get concentrated information about the company, network marketing industry, products, business model and what to do.
  • „5 Steps program“– is about 5 private consultations where your will create your trademark, individual business plan, learn how to introduce business idea and introduce people to aromatherapy and healthy lifestyle.
  • Business events – you will receive invitations to business events where you will be able to deepen knowledge and develop professional skills.
  • Closed groups in social media – your membership will be approved to join the groups where you will have access to live events on business and personal development.
  • Young Living support – is about the trips to company farms, International and European conventions, business promotions.
  • Personal coaching

Personal coachig

“By its nature and design, network marketing is a very honest, democratic, socially responsible system generating real capital”, - Robert T. Kiyosaki.

If you want to learn more about aromatherapy, healthy lifestyle, and help yourself and your family to secure sound physical and emotional, these are some tools to help you deepen the knowledge and obtain individual experience:

  • Literature – in English language. Electronic version of Aromatherapy manual, flyers, educational material.
  • Closed groups in social – live events about product usage, personal experiences of business partners.
  • Events – you will receive invitations to events about the products where you will be able to deepen the knowledge in the areas of aromatherapy and healthy lifestyle.
  • Individual consultations.
  • Meeting in small groups where we talk about issues related to aromatherapy, healthy lifestyle, beauty: “Feelings”, “Raindrop”, “Aroma testing“(making personalized aroma), “Savvy Minerals“(natural mineral cosmetics) and many more.

“Only those who risk to go too far learn how far they can go“, - T.S. Eliot

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